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Best of CD. For fans of Dokken, Lynchmob, Bulletboys and Steelheart. Mike Portnoy on drums from For fans of like Toto, Dakota and Boulevard. For fans of Poison and Pretty Boy Floyd. Out Of Print only 3 CD's left. For fans of Yngwie Malmsteen and Steel Prophet. Acacia Avenue, Pinnacle Point guitar player.

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A Darkness - PER Beto Vazquez Infinity - Vol. X-Rated - PER Empire - Leeches - PER Fair Warning - 4 - CD Our bus ride comes to an abrupt end. The State Troopers put on their cherry lights and sound the sirens. We are pulled over into the parking lot of a strip mall.

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Just short of the State Line, if I recall correctly. The bus is in the middle of a parking lot. The State Troopers have us completely surrounded. They are spread out in a wide circle, equidistant between one another. Each cruiser has its high beams on, sirens flashing, with all of the headlights pointed directly at us.

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  • The lights are shining through the tour bus, making the interior of the bus bright white, not unlike the scene with the little boy in the house from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After about an hour or so, the Law comes onto the bus. For me. I am handcuffed and led off of my plush leather couch into the harsh glare of ten or so Massachusetts State Trooper cruisers.

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    I am completely unaware of the full weight of what had happened tonight. I get into the back of the police car, joking around with the State Troopers. I remain handcuffed, bleeding, and slightly buzzed. Do what? I reply. Surely these cops were like other policemen I have known. Surely these boys in blue would have my back, dude. How could I not go whoop sum ass on the guy who pitched a glass bottle at me?

    The open wound on the top of my head? Yeah, you fucking asshole. You whipped a bottle off the stage, and hit her in the face. You broke her nose. How in the fuck could you do that? Hurt a girl? I had hurt an innocent girl in the melee.

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    The thing I held most dear to my heart. The most fun you ever had. All this pain, all of this destruction, was because of my fucked-up behavior. Yeah, there is no doubt, I was indeed a total asshole that night. And wept. All I have ever wanted to do is entertain people with music.


    With singing. With my voice. I have never in my life, ever tried to be a bad boy. All I have ever tried to be, is good. The doors on my jail cell clinked shut that night, with a resounding thud. I sat in my cell and pondered the severity of my actions. The irony of my circumstance. My bare feet are almost burning from the heat. We are in our backyard. I am beyond puzzled.