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VR is already a great place to hang out with friends, play games, and watch movies.

Camels and a horse on my beach!! What is the world coming to??

Starting with a bustling town square where people will meet and mingle, the Horizon experience then expands to an interconnected world where people can explore new places, play games, build communities, and even create their own new experiences. Before stepping into Horizon for the first time, people will design their own avatars from an array of style and body options to ensure everyone can fully express their individuality. From there, magic-like portals—called telepods—will transport people from public spaces to new worlds filled with adventure and exploration.

At first, people will hop into games and experiences built by Facebook, like Wing Strikers, a multiplayer aerial experience. But that's just the beginning. People will also jump into various other Horizon worlds, built using the World Builder, a collection of easy-to-use creator tools. While in Springfield I spoke with a pastor friend who lives in Massachusetts.

What Is This World Coming To?

One of the first things out of his mouth was an apology for the decision to allow same sex marriages in his state. We might consider that and say, 'What is this world coming to?

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Well, let me answer that tonight. It is coming to an END! That isn't a joke or a smart aleck answer; it is the truth according to God's Word!

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Even the secularists have fearful expectations. People who have no allegiance to the Scripture realize the potential for the end of the world, as we know it.

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The increasing escalation of war in the Middle East, nuclear attacks or accidents, energy crises, ecological disasters, killer viruses, earthquakes, droughts, terrorist attacks, or the effects of global warming all have people thinking about the end of the world. But as believers in Jesus Christ, we do not have to fear.

Before we get very far into this study, it is important that we note a few dangers to avoid when studying prophecy.

Mr But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Some believed WWI was the end. Others proclaimed Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin as the antichrist. Hal Lindsey said the end would come within a generation or 40 years of the return of Israel to Palestine in

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