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I have also always loved animals, and most especially horses. For the past 17 years, I have written a monthly column where I advocate for homeless pets and pet rescue.

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When I started to write my recent release, it seemed only natural to include animals in the story. But I thought long and hard about how I could include my love of the West in the book when it was set in my home state. He is surprised at what he finds. Her child and the horses she rescues are all that matter. Then a sudden threat to their safety puts her back in touch with Shane McBride, the man she never thought to see again.

Returning to the small town of Silver Creek brings back a lot of memories for Shane, ones he treasures haunted by the ones that made him leave, but this time he is determined to stay and make things right. Trusting Shane may be her only choice, but now Allison fears not only the threat against her farm but the risk of losing her heart again. I had such a fun time writing this story, where I could include animals and places I have known.

From Modernism to Postmodernism Anthology

But mostly, I loved writing about a man and a woman who were once deeply in love, but who must now deal with not only their past but with the problems the present brings to them. They soon discover that healing their broken hearts may not be the most difficult thing they face. Had worked very hard to forget. Uncomfortable, she dropped her gaze to her daughter who had come to stand next to Gypsy. Is there any place special you like to travel to?

A setting you love to read about? Those stories are now included in the five anthologies on my Book Page. Some of those columns appear on my Zeke Chronicles blog. We have two grown children and a number of granddogs. For a chance to win your choice of one of these Cowboys on the Edge stories, answer me this! Do you love cowboys who are also firefighters and lawmen?

Read a sexy excerpt…. When love is on the line, a cowboy will risk everything…. Texas Lawman, Cain Whitfield, has been burned before by a beautiful brunette with dark doe eyes. As her former boyfriend closes in, she worries too that her poor judgment could bring harm to a decent man. Get your copy here!

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She tugged her hand away then straightened her shoulders. And God help them both. Her gaze dropped to her hands, which were curved into fists on her thighs. I wore clothes that I would bet cost more than you make in a month. Cain sat beside her, not breathing. Cain straightened. Someone good. Someone who could give her things.

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But his nobility could only stretch so far. He reached for her hand, but she pulled it back again, so he gripped her by the waist and pulled her over his lap. He kept his arms around her, loosely. She could escape if she wanted, but with every second that passed, he watched her grow calmer. Watched rose creep across her cheeks, her tight lips relax. When she leaned toward him, letting her ripe nipples scrape across his chest, only then did he move.

He laid his palm against her cheek and rubbed his thumb across her plump bottom lip. Carina made a noise, something between a sob and laugh, and pressed closer, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, and pushing her breasts against him, because she needed to feel his hardness.

The Virgin and the Whore: Looking at the Good and the Bad Woman in Th…

She craved so much more. No misunderstanding his raw tone. Stay with me. Slowly, he raised his hands to palm her flesh, and she closed her eyes, loving the heat, loving his gentle caresses. He bent his head and trailed his mouth across her shoulder, then lower, pushing her back so he could kiss the tops of her breasts. The moment he latched onto a tingling nipple, she cried out, so joyous was the feeling flooding her body with warmth.

She wound her legs around his waist as he walked to the bed. His gaze dropped to her feet, and he held down her pant legs as she stepped out, leaning on his shoulders for balance.

Virgins Behaving Badly

Then he stood, and she went to work on the chambray shirt he wore, unsnapping the buttons down the front, and then parting the sides to get her first look at his broad chest. He had far less hair than Joey, and it was brown and silky.

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  8. She raked her fingertips through it, plucking. When he gave a little groan, her mouth curved. So, she nuzzled his nipple, loving the way he gently cupped the back of her head and rubbed her scalp. Lord have mercy, she loved the taste of his skin, the soft texture of his flat brown nipple. With her teeth, she teased it into a point then fluttered her tongue against the tiny bead. She glanced upward, her gaze snagging on his hooded eyes. All of you. His clothing flew off. And then he was climbing over her, his large, long body inches from her skin, but still warming her, breast to toes.

    He held still, braced on his arms as she raked his body with her searching gaze. Everywhere her gaze touched was tanned and hard. His stomach was firm, muscled, his arms and thighs bulged. Sweet heaven, his cock was lovely—reddened and engorged, straight with a plump, round head.

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    Her pussy clenched. Fluid rushed to wet her channel. She squeezed together her legs to hold it inside. I swear, I want this. I want you.

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    Then she reached downward and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Tagged: contemporary romance , cowboys , excerpt , Western Posted in About books I am celebrating! This year marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first book, A Desperate Journey. Samhain Publishing originally published the western historical romance after being in the American Title contest.