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Illustrated by Chritian Biruminham. A children's story about a boy's fantasy about astronauts walking on the Moon. Hamilton, Edmond. The Haunted Stars. New York: Pyramid Books. An alien base is found on the Moon in Outlaws of the Moon. Captain Future battles the mean guys on his home world and discovers a lost race. Harness, Charles L. Lunar Justice. New York: Avon, Much of this novel is set at a Lunar court. Harper, Steven. Dead Man on the Moon.

Phobos Impact, When humanity's only moon colony suffers its first murder, it's up to the forensic experts of Luna City Special Investigations to solve the case. Harrison, Harry. New York, Putnam [] Paperback issued by Berkley, An Israeli scientist develops a space drive which is implemented in secret by the Danes. When a Russian Moon expedition crash lands, The Danes rescue them is a converted submarine.

The Danes then set up a huge industrial development on the Moon for security reasons. Invasion: Earth. Ace Charter, The show down with the alien invaders takes place on the Moon. Hartmann, W. Preiss, ed.

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Touching story about international cooperation as the Moon is colonized. Heinlein, Robert A. Surprise ending. Destination Moon. Boston: Gregg Press, With a new introduction by David G. Have Spacesuit Will Travel. New York: Scribner, and Ballantine, A young man, keen to travel to the moon, enters a soap competition offering a Moon trip as first prize.

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He wins a consolation prize a space suit. He later is kidnapped by aliens who take him first to the Moon, and then to Pluto. The novel includes an attempt to escape across the lunar surface. The Man Who Sold the Moon. Chicago: Sastra, and Yestermorrow, A collection of six short stories with the title entry about billionaire D. Harriman, who cajoles a reluctant humanity into helping him realize his dream of space flight to the Moon.

The Menace From Earth Baen, A collection of Heinlein stories has been. The title story takes place on the moon where, under a dome, colonists can strap on wings and fly. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Putnam, and St. Martin's Press, The revolt of Earth's colonies on Luna. New York; Tor, Reprint edition by Tor, In this short story, originally published in , an old man fulfills his dream to journey to the Moon even though he knows the rigors of the trip will kill him. The is the same man, D. Rocket Ship Galileo.

A young adult novel about a group of kids and a scientist who put an atomic engine in a commercial rocket making it capable of travel to the Moon. A blind girl, lost on the Moon, is located by means of musical notes. Space Cadet.

New York: Scribner, Reissued by Ballantine in Some very well done scenes take place on the Moon. The Star Beast. Aliens propose to demonstrate their powerful weapons harmlessly by zapping the Moon.

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They are dissuaded by explaining that many colonists live there. Destination Moon Adventures of Tintin. Little Brown, First published in by French author Herge.

A comic book adventure for children ages Tinin helps a professor build a rocket ship to the moon. Explorers on the Moon Adventures of Tintin and his friends make it to the Moon and back. An intelligent dinosaur is discovered on the Moon in suspended animation. Hessel, John. On the Moon, Jack Baldwin thought he had found a place of peace.

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All he really found was another place to hide. Hickam, Homer H. Back to the Moon: A Novel. So he hijacks the space shuttle Columbia Hogan, Ernest. Now the Yakuza - and a mysterious and invisible friend - were helping him to become the scum of the Moon as well. Hogan, James P. A 50, year old mummy of a human astronaut is found on the Moon, resulting in some unexpected revelations about the history of humanity and the solar system.

Holder, Nancy. Working for one of the six controlling families, the Borgiolis, Deuce enacts the dual roles of both dealer and agent, until he realizes that this cutthroat game is about to explode into an all-out mob war for control of the Moon. Legacies and Lies Gambler's Star, No 2. The former bagman for the Borgioli clan on Moonbase Vegas works every angle he can and comes up with aces. Now the right-hand man to Hunter Castle, the wealthy businessman and owner of the new casino, Darkside City, Duece spins in an orbit of riches and power.

The lunar St. Valentine's Day-style catastrophe has rubbed out the top echelons of the Six Families that control the Moon and the Castle himself, leaving Deuce in the middle of the bloodbath of all bloodbaths. As the families savagely pursue vendettas and the rebels of the Moonsider Liberation Front launch a campaign of terror, it is up to Deuce to intervene, stop the slaughter and prevent puritanical Earthsiders from imposing a tyranny of decency on the Moon.

Howe, Steve. Honor Bound Honor Born. LunaTech, Finally, in the year , a man once again sets foot upon our celestial neighbor. Representing the private business, Delena Corp, Hawk Stanton is placed on the Moon by using a sequence of new, innovative technologies. Tools used by a man to survive.

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Irving, Washington. The short story is from Irving's attitude towards the "savages" indicates a minority view, regarding the confiscation of the native lands, of that time. Isaac Asimov's Moons. Edited by Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams.

NY: Doubleday, A collection of 7 short stories about - Guess what? Johns, Captain. Kings of Space. Written in the s, this is a children's book about a reclusive scientist who builds a space craft, and flies to the moon, Mars and Venus. He finds the moon to have thin atmosphere, and life. Jones, Raymond F. In: Future Science Fiction.

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