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Indeed, accommodations for health care providers to refuse to provide care are often deliberately inserted into policies with the aim of negating the hard-fought right to abortion care. Abortion kills a nascent human being. The drive to destroy medical conscience seeks to transform abortion into a positive right, which would require the state to guarantee access.

And that is precisely the plan.

Medical Conscience: All Dutch Doctors Must be Complicit in Euthanasia Killing

For those who continue to object, create obligations, for example, requiring them to justify their positions and to perform an alternative service. Similarly, they should assume responsibility for the burdens caused by their refusal to provide services for their patients, their peers, and the health care system by providing adequate and timely information and referrals to women, and by performing extra duties to relieve their non-objecting colleagues.

Freedom of religion and conscience is an explicit human right recognized in national and international constitutions and charters. But that is all going to be trashed in the name of forcing MDs participation in abortion — an effort that is going international.

Bioethics "Consensus Statement" Would Force Doctors to Kill and Abort | Evolution News

Utilize international legal and regional human rights mechanisms. Photo credit: hhach, via Pixabay. I think that bioethics can help us avoid a purely commercial model in which medicine creates its own needs, thereby creating elements of production, in a vicious circle whose core is not the individual and his or her health but production.

1. Conscience as pluralistic, neutral and subjective

Watch the full interview to Prof. Read more about Humanitas University Bioethics Course.

John Kilner -- Why the Church Needs Bioethics

An Established Institution Humanitas is a renowned healthcare institution that has offered Medical Degrees for well over a decade as a partner of the University of Milan. An International Career Join our international medical community where classes are taught in English by experienced professors and medical doctors from around the world.

Your degree will allow you to work as a MD in the EU and abroad.

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