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Moving beyond awareness and into peace-of-mind with annual mammograms

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    Mind Empty Monday. Moving Beyond A Snowflake Mindset.

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    Greg Garrett February 11, Being lovingly harmonious in life does not mean you need to be soft or vulnerable as well. In other words, stop being a snowflake and start living for what you truly believe. From Maya Illusion to Reality Techniques to Witness the Flux-like Film of Life Toward the Authentic Being From the Wave to the Cosmic Ocean Sudden Enlightenment and Its Obstacles Tantric Methods for Awareness and Non-Judgment Alertness through Tantra Finding the Changeless through the Changing Secrets of Love and Liberation Remaining with the Real The Tantric Way to Freedom from Desires Tantric Meditation Using Light The Potentiality of the Seed Conscious Doing Moving to the Roots Coming Back to Existence Entering This Moment From Death to Deathlessness The Fire of Awareness Only the Unreal Dissolves Discovering Emptiness You Are Everywhere Go Beyond Karma Watch from the Hill Liberate Yourself from Yourself Techniques to Become One with the Whole Right Now Is the Goal Start Creating Yourself Choicelessness Is Bliss Destroy the Limits A Buddha Is a Nobody Go Beyond Mind and Matter Energy Enjoys Itself Playing You Are Unknown to Yourself Suffer the Pain of Aloneness Forget the Periphery Start Living in Insecurity Fear of Transformation Goes Deep Sensitivity Is Awareness