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His therapist assures him he will eventually outgrow the issue, or solve it somehow. There are also some unresolved issues between Alex and Bree as well, but their love for each other continues to remain strong, helping them recover. Cross My Heart is the twenty-first novel in the series. For most of the novel, Alex is trying to solve a double killer case in which the murderers kill prostitutes.

Soon Alex and Bree learn that there is only one murderer, who has multiple personalities, and arrest him. Additionally, Bree is searching for Ava, when Alex realizes that the teen may have killed a girl and faked her own death. Halfway through the novel, Damon is offered a ride home by a strange woman - throughout the novel it's revealed that the Cross family were being watched - and the woman drugs Damon afterwards. Meanwhile, her accomplice kidnaps the rest of the family including Bree, Ali, Nana Mama, and Alex's daughter. They alert Cross he can do nothing to try to save his family.

Meanwhile, Ava reappears along with Sampson, assuring him to continue life normally while they handle the kidnappings. The novel was released in November It was followed by a 23rd novel named Cross Justice , released in November , in which the Cross family travels down south to help one of Alex's cousins who is wrongly accused of murder. At the end of Cross Justice , Alex finds his long lost father Jason, who was presumed dead for over three decades but in reality had been a police sergeant in Florida. A 24th novel, Cross the Line , was released in , in which Alex and Bree look for a killer who is murdering criminals and another killer who has murdered one of their former police chiefs.

In Cross Kill , Alex and his partner, Detective John Sampson, are ambushed by an Gary Soneji imposter and Alex goes on a desperate mission to uncover the truth about the mysterious attacker while having no idea that it would have terrible consequences. In Detective Cross , Alex is awaiting trial for the killing of two of the Sonjei followers and has to help his wife, Chief of Detectives Bree Stone, in stopping a mysterious bomber from setting off deadly explosives before it is too late.

In The People vs. Alex Cross , Alex is on trial for murder, and he also has to assist his former partner, Detective John Sampson, in finding missing blonde women and prevent them from being brutally murdered on the internet while trying to prove his innocence with a determined prosecution hoping to put him behind bars. Then a sniper's bullet strikes a target in the heart of DC. Alex Cross's wife, Bree Stone, newly elevated chief of DC detectives, must solve the case or lose her position. Alex is tasked by the new President to lead an investigation unprecedented in scale and scope.

But is the sniper's strike only the beginning of a larger attack on the nation?

Deadly Retribution

The earlier novels were initially named after children's rhymes, but from the lead character's name started appearing in the titles. Overall there have been three theatrical films of the Alex Cross series, all met with negative reviews, and poor box-office success, especially the recent film, Alex Cross. In , a reboot titled Alex Cross based on the novel Cross with Tyler Perry was cast, his first role in a film that he doesn't direct, produce, write for his career.

Two films, based on the first Cross novels, have been made starring Morgan Freeman Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider , both released to negative reaction. Both of them are very loose adaptations of the books, with Along Came a Spider changing many of the plot's elements, while Kiss the Girls changes nearly the entire story's plot, except for the fact that Alex's niece is kidnapped and its primary antagonist is Casanova.

A significant, and well-noted, change upon the books in the movies is that John Sampson is not white but African-American, like Alex himself. Kyle Craig is briefly seen in Kiss the Girls. Along Came a Spider' s adaptation was also changed with the film taking out major plot elements or changing them. For instance, Jezzie Flannagan and Alex Cross are dating in the book, but are described as only friends in the film.

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Also, the most important changed elements is Gary Soneji dies, which would therefore erase him from any future adaptation of Cat and Mouse , nor does Soneji escape from prison, nor is the trial in court seen or mentioned in the film. A proposed third film based on Pop Goes the Weasel! Many years after Along Came a Spider ' s release, a reboot was revealed to be in the works, set for a release date. Idris Elba was attached to the film as the role of Alex Cross.

It was rumored to be based on I, Alex Cross , but director Rob Cohen denied this, revealing he only titled the film like such so as to tell fans: "their hero was back"; to avoid confusion the film's name was changed to Alex Cross with Tyler Perry replacing Elba. The film was released on October 19, , to mixed to negative reviews. October 14, I promised a subscriber that I would post a photo of our newest granddaughter Chloe. This photo is my wallpaper on my computer and was taken in a 2-hour photo shoot that Grandma Easter arranged a couple of months ago.

I just love it, so I hope no one objects to this personal aside on the website. I tickle her tummy every morning. We have Bouchercon in St. Louis coming up this week. This will give fans a chance to meet and carry on a conversation in a more relaxed atmosphere than a formal signing line.

Some are groups of authors such as the Barry Award winners and the Macavity Award winners whose names will be announced on Thursday night at the Opening Ceremonies. They have all been invited to one of our signing times.

One of them, Raymond Benson, is even bringing some booze to give out that should attract a crowd. There is a scheduled time for all attending Severn House authors. As you are probably aware I've become a big fan of this line, and will be pleased to meet some new authors to the line at our "meet and greet signing. This is an experiment to see how it goes, but if no one shows up at least Mike and I will have some quality time with some of our favorite authors. It is with a very heavy heart that I report on the passing of Enid Schantz.

For many years Enid and her husband Tom operated The Rue Morgue, a mystery bookstore in Boulder, Colorado and one of the most successful in the States. When they sold it a few years ago, they continued to successfully operate the Rue Morgue Press, publishing their favorite mysteries from the s, '40s and 50's. They were a fixture in the bookrooms of many, many Bouchercons and Left Coast Crime conventions they even put on at least one Bouchercon and one Left Coast Crime Convention.

For many years Tom and Enid reviewed mystery fiction for the Denver news media. She was the one who gave me a short course on how to tell if a book was a first edition or not. I worked closely with them on the Denver Bouchercon because they twisted my arm to produce the program book. Where Enid was quiet and softspoken, Tom could often be bombastic.

But it worked for them and they were an inseparable duo. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tom at this most difficult time. Enid will be sorely missed.

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August 11, E-mail your order to: george deadlypleasures. Jan Fabel returns to the Hamburg murder squad to track down a horrifying killer. In the dark and slimy streets of Wapping a prostitute is beaten half to death, a not uncommon fate in late 18th century London. So begins this gripping tale set in in the Port of London: a cruel villain holds sway over the underworld. His name is Boylin. His face is scarred by lime and his back by the two hundred lashes he received following a naval court martial. He holds Captain Tom Pascoe responsible for his suffering.

They meet again when Pascoe becomes River Surveyor for the newly formed marine police. They've had orders to investigate a sudden fall in government revenue that is affecting the nation's ability to fight the war against Napoleon and stem the rising tide of Irish rebellion.

Library Journal Starred review for Death of a Novice.

Pascoe knows that Boylin is behind it, but he can't prove anything, yet. But her quest for the truth has brought her into contact with some very dangerous people who want to silence her — permanently. Spring England is a powder keg of rumour and fear. Plague rages, famine is rife, the ageing Queen's couriers scheme: Elizabeth's Golden Age is truly tarnished. Meanwhile Spain watches and waits - and plots.

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Into this turmoil a small cart clatters through the streets of London, carrying a deadly load. It is the first in a wave of horrific bombing attacks on the Dutch immigrant community that will change John Shakespeare's life for ever. Driven on by cold rage, Shakespeare's investigations will take him from magnificent royal horse races to the opulent chambers of Black Luce's brothel, from the theatrical underworld of Marlowe and Kyd to the pain-wracked torture cells of priest-hunter Richard Topcliffe, and from the elegant offices of master tactician Robert Cecil to the splintering timbers of an explosive encounter at sea.

As Shakespeare delves ever deeper, he uncovers intricate layers of mystery and deception that threaten the heart not only of the realm, but of all that he holds dear. October Britain and France are still at war. France is engaged on two battle fronts - Spain and Russia - and her civilians are growing weary of the fight. Rebellion is brewing.

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Since Napoleon Bonaparte appointed himself as First Consul, there have been several attempts to either kill or overthrow him. Brooke's agent has come up with a daring plan and he needs Hawkwood's help to put it into action. If the plan is successful it could lead to a negotiated peace treaty between France and the allies. Failure would mean prison, torture and a meeting with the guillotine…. Nice to see Steve Hamilton and S.