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This Moment Interlude. Where Do We Go.

A Seat at the Table

For Us by Us Interlude. Borderline An Ode to Self Care. No Limits Interlude. Don't Wish Me Well. Pedestals Interlude.

Time for more Women to Sit at the Table — the Corporate Boardroom and C-suite

Closing: The Chosen Ones. Rise Solange. Weary Solange. Cranes in the Sky Solange. Dad Was Mad Interlude Solange. Don't You Wait Solange. Tina Taught Me Interlude Solange. This Moment Interlude Solange. Where Do We Go Solange. For Us by Us Interlude Solange. Junie Solange. No Limits Interlude Solange. You will come away with a short-list of key areas to put on the agenda of your next internal social media compliance meeting and gain insight on best practices and practical tips.

FDA is hosting a webinar to demonstrate how to download, install, implement, and use the FDPB, as well as to answer questions about how to use the system. This webinar will be held on October 10, , at 1 pm ET. Click here to read more. The meeting will be held in Rockville, Maryland, and also will be webcast.

FDA also is opening a docket to receive comments related to this issue, including on several questions set out in the Federal Register notice announcing the meeting. The docket will be open through November 20, The U. Requests to make oral comments are due by September 12th and in-person attendees should register by September 20th. FDA determined specific chapters and appendixes of the Seafood HACCP Guide warranted updating based on the availability of new science and chose to publish those portions instead of withholding until a fully revised Guidance was ready for publication.

On the whole, the updates largely reflect incremental changes in the Seafood HACCP Guide and do not reflect fundamental shifts in agency policy. FDA updated three chapters and two appendices. Perhaps most significantly, however, FDA has added two new appendices focused on allergen control. Processors should review the August changes carefully and in light of current company programs and practices, and the allergen control recommendations may also be useful for companies not operating under seafood HACCP.

The policy behind SDIL is to reduce childhood obesity by encouraging producers to change the recipes and lower the sugar content of the drinks. With equivalent taxes in force in a number of European jurisdictions e. France, Belgium, and Ireland , this will continue to be relevant to multinationals. Some of our clients in the soft drinks sector are looking at ways to reformulate recipes to reduce the sugar content in their recipes, produce sugar-free products, and find sugar substitutes e.

On the buy side, would the use of substitutes pass the consumer tasting tests to minimize a softening in consumer demand for the same product? SDIL catches drinks which have sugar added during production and contain at least 5 grams of sugar per ml of prepared drink. Only soft drinks with an alcohol content of 1. SDIL applies to drinks on the basis of their ready-to-drink composition. When looking at the sugar content of drinks which need to be diluted or otherwise prepared before they can be consumed, the dilution ratio is set by the producer. For the purposes of SDIL, sugar means calorific mono-saccharides or di-saccharides, including sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, and galactose.

Sugar substitutes like stevia, aspartame, and sucralose are excluded. Certain types of drinks are exempt from the levy: milk-based drinks containing at least 75ml of milk per ml of prepared drink , milk substitutes containing at least mg of calcium per ml of plant-based drink , alcohol substitutes sold or advertised as direct replacements for alcohol or certain drinks used for medicinal purposes including baby formula and diet aids.


Drinks which were packaged e. SDIL is aimed at persons packaging, producing or importing sugary drinks. Who is liable depends on when the tax is triggered.

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For drinks which are packaged in the UK, the tax point is when the drinks are removed from the packaging premises unless the drinks are taken to a registered warehouse or made available for sale on the premises , and the person liable is the packager. If the packaged drinks are imported to the UK, the tax is triggered the first time they are removed from a registered warehouse, made available for sale or free of charge, or received at premises run by a wholesaler or retailer of drinks liable to SDIL. In that case, the liability falls on the first seller or first recipient of the drinks. There is no equivalent relief for importers.

The reporting periods are fixed at the end of March, June, September, and December. The returns and the tax are due within 30 days of the end of the reporting period. It is a book for anyone in IT leadership or other departments attempting to understand current IT leadership. It provides several pieces of food for thought on why to change the methodologies, and some new methods on how to approach IT management. For me this connected many ideas inside of the DevOps Handbook to the leadership actions which are necessary to support them. Mar 06, Sebastian Gebski rated it really liked it.

Hmm, I was really struggling with rating this book. As book is intended for the high executive profiles CIOs , I was very inter Hmm, I was really struggling with rating this book.

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As book is intended for the high executive profiles CIOs , I was very interested in author's idea - how will he approach that kind of audience, how will the message be differentiated. And in fact it starts quite nice, the idea of "seat at the table" is well served, framing of business VS IT problem from CIOs perspective is also very nice, but IMHO book a bit loses its identity the further you get into it.

It doesn't mean it's a bad book - it isn't. But it didn't rock my word as much as I expected. This justifies the overall hodgey-podgey sensation that you get on reading the book where sometimes you feel like all the paradigms are thrown in together without the background which I think you need to get in order to understand why those paradigms make sense and why they work.

I think the book is valuable read for basically anyone who wants to understand the philosophy of using IT as a competitive advantage in any enterprise and what you can do to manage properly this strategic asset. The author also provides very good references to enhance your understanding. Jul 04, Alan Hill rated it really liked it. Transform your thinking on how IT should be perceived in an organization.

Some organizations believe in an incorrect model where IT functions as service provider or consultancy where it is actually as integral to the business as finance or operations. In order for the CIO to get a "seat at the table" a change in thinking needs to occur where IT is invested in business outcomes rather than controlling systems and delivering on requested tasks. One has to blow up the conventional contractor contro Transform your thinking on how IT should be perceived in an organization.

One has to blow up the conventional contractor control model that dominates business thinking when it comes to IT and its relationship to the business. This book makes that case and many others that support this argument. Philosophy for the tech leader. Schwartz delivers insightful, well-sourced points of view that will shift or evolve how you think about the teams you lead, the role you play, and your organization.

A must read for any leader in the tech space, Schwartz offers insights into how to lead teams, how to deliver business value, aspir Philosophy for the tech leader. Development and IT Security is filled with uncertainty and doubt. This book gives a Nice bid on How to handle that uncertainty and doubt while managing risk and continously deliver value.

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Definitely a recommendation from here. Mar 19, David Brooke rated it it was amazing Shelves: dxc. This is an excellent read. The title doesn't do justice to the content - basically it's about how to embrace DevOps principles at the IT Strategy level as well as at the Software Development level. My only real disappointment is that it only covers how to approach things when all of the IT staff are permanent employees of the 'business' organisation. It doesn't offer any guidance on working with IT partners or external suppliers. Jul 05, Rajesh Kamatanam rated it really liked it.

I picked up this book to understand rationale behind why IT leaders are taking certain decisions these days and Schwartz certainly did great job elaborating it. Although target audience for this book are senior IT leaders, it can be beneficial for anyone working at any level in IT since this book mostly covers agile principles and how they are implemented across organization. Schwartz made narration of this book interesting by starting every chapter with a famous philosophical quote.

Jun 14, John Cumming rated it it was amazing Shelves: agile , coaching-leadership , What an inspirational book, yet pragmatic and practical. A highly recommended book, even if it took me some time to complete! Nov 18, David Goade rated it it was amazing. I have trusted you with an investestment in an IT system. Your job is to make sure I get a good return on IT investments.

I am not getting a good return. In his latest book, A Seat at the Table, Mark gives us a tour-de-force on how to close the gap between the Agile team and the traditional IT department. This time, he makes trouble for everybody.