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My story, "Wolf in the Memory," I couldn't resist submitting a piece to this anthology of tales set in a dark, contemporary city. And I was extremely pleased to have my tale, "Open Hearts," I believe I succeeded in combining humor and strangenessI still laugh in a good way Accordingly, I needed a pseudonym, so I chose "John Newland," a cool name who was host of Another "young adult" J.

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Cast as dark fantasy, What does a horror writer fear? Jeff Gelb posed that intriguing question: "Once Upon a Darkness" was my response. I sold film rights to this piece to Ted Turner Here I was able to incorporate some loot from a good deal of research into the operation of Civil War hospitals. I think that the Civil War is an ideal American context for ghost stories. Here in "Strawfoot and Slow Bear," I indulged my sensitivity for this massive, sad Some eye-popping cover art here by Luis Royo.

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  2. The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F. Benson;
  3. Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America.
  4. Diamond In The Rough.

I know that in writing, "The The first of my "Young Adult" horror books. My first truly concentrated effort to write a vampire novel. Impetus here came from my Zebra editor, John Scognamiglio, a real pro, who wanted me to try writing a I attempted a more intense concentration upon witchcraft here especially on the more positive aspects of the phenomenon. The setting is the Night Horse Swamp, a Back to Kansas for the setting of this one. Researching this book was a very enjoyable experience because I had a chance to focus on and the approach of the Great Depression in the South.

I love the motto, "Old men are easily seduced.

This book was claimed by the vicissitudes of publishing, for it was supposed to be another in my "Lewton" Young Adult series. So it goes. I had it published, A collection of one short novel and two long stories, this book is a strong favorite of mine in terms of experimentation, a reaching and stretching of technique Here I created a new, east Alabama mythosNahollo Swamp. When the lights go out, when the festivities come to an end, the darkness remains. Safe inside a house, beside a warm and blazing fireplace, the ghost stories are fun…. So close…. Now it is inside. Answer: Of course!

What a silly question, for this is a haunted house kinda blog! Sometimes they do. I know, awww! Maybe you will be able to answer this question when I go into more details about the stories.

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Right now! Meanwhile, the surviving lover spends much time outside the house. She stands over a bed of rocks. She had killed him. And so, it returns to the house and, unknowingly, haunts it. It fits the classic is formula.

She is shy, somewhat reluctant to share her story. But she gives in. She once visited the house of two friends, a married couple. All the while both are haunted by a presence, a shadow. Something that hides underneath. Just underneath. By the time the maid finishes the story, the presence is inside the chamber. A tragedy occurs, a tragedy that ties one of the girls to the accounts described by the maid.

The safe house has been haunted. He always stands on the grounds, observing the outdoor setting, reflecting, taking in the serenity. Often, the man can see them in the house, through the windows, he witnesses activity inside.

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One by one, various family members come out to greet him. Mother and father, sisters or brothers, uncles. Is he a ghost as well? A ghost that is unwilling to join his family in death where he belongs? Another classic story adhering to the classic formula. It is a true story. Wallace passed under a low limb … where something strong and small dropped from the branches into the saddle behind him, grabbed his waist … and began to scream.

When my family tells spooky stories, even the ghosts come out to listen. Floorboards creak. A door closes, all by itself. Far away in the house, something jumps and lands, a small thump. Unseen things crack their knuckles in the corners. We love a good ghost story. We will savor hearing the same ones over and over, embellished and improved each telling. Somehow, knowing what happens in the end can make a ghost story MORE suspenseful.

Hair stands on end. A listener beneath a blanket shivers and pulls closer to someone else.

The Silence of Red Glass

Everyone jumps when the dog barks madly … at nothing, empty air. The Celts told us of thin places, special spots in the world where the separation between real life and supernatural life hardly exists. People and spirits can easily pass through from one realm to the next, like fog passing through a screen.

The Big Book of Ghost Stories places 75 tales of thin places between two covers. If you enjoy, as I have since childhood, a great ghost story well told … this book is required reading. The editor, Otto Penzler, formerly owner of The Mystery Press in Manhattan for nearly 30 years, has anthologized volumes of mystery and detective stories through the years. Penzler has The Mystery Press imprint now with Grove Atlantic, and he anthologizes big sprawling doorstop-sized collections of noir and suspense and British espionage and spy stories, to the delight of us who love those genres.