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Women in Tech: Amber Scott — Chief Anti-Money Laundering Ninja

Alecta and fellow shareholder AP1 were among Swedbank investors who, in a rare public expression of discontent, successfully voted against granting Bonnesen freedom from liability for SVT has alleged, citing internal documents, that Bonnesen failed to prevent billions of euros of suspicious transactions. Her decision not to initiate an external investigation was overturned under shareholder pressure and the eventual release of a heavily-redacted version of an external report was not enough to quell rising shareholder anger.

Sweden has been gripped by the scandal, which has dominated headlines and sparked parliamentary debates over the reputation of Nordic banks, which have long been held to be among the most trustworthy and least risky.

It has also stunned many Swedes, who take pride in the fact that their country is routinely ranked as one of the least corrupt in the world and boasts a level of transparency that leaves even individual tax returns in the public domain. In a reflection of the mood among investors assembled in downtown Stockholm for the AGM, a string of critical comments by small shareholders were met with loud applause, a rarity at normally subdued corporate gatherings.

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Chairman Lars Idermark said Swedbank had been honest with authorities looking into the allegations, while both he and acting CEO Anders Karlsson expressed regret over its communications. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. Breaking Bad is a meditation on how a man loses his soul and makes meth. At the start of Ozark , we find out the numbers guy has been laundering drug money for years with the help of his longtime friend Bruce Josh Randall.

Hustle - Ep 20 - The Laundering of the Soul

Cartel higher-up Del Esai Morales gets his employees to admit to stealing from him and his associates. Marty Byrde is a scared, desperate man. Walter may have been desperate to save his own life at the start of Breaking Bad , but he was fully in control of his destiny.

By the end of the series, Walter had murdered people, blown things up, and led an entire drug empire. He is the one who knocks. He moves to the Ozarks in an attempt to pull off the scheme he sold to Del. In a stroke of master manipulation, he gets a man to punch him in the face.

He did it because he needs to start laundering a small fortune quickly, and every other business in town has turned him down. While his children are originally in the dark about why their entire family fled from Chicago to the mountains and rivers of Missouri, they find out the truth almost immediately.

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  • Soul Laundering by Ishtar Raizine | Blurb Books.
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I shit you not. RJ Mitte as the bearded dad unpacks boxes in the backyard. One can question whether season 1 of Ozark is a prequel to Marty embracing his dark side, but it's pretty clear transformation doesn't really interest him.

Five Things to Know: Police seek Soul, money laundering at casinos, remembering Hef

Both slayings absolutely shock Marty, who was never planning on getting his hands this bloody. He just wanted to launder some money in the deep woods of Missouri. Yes, Ozark technically has drugs.